Can I Download My Twitter History?

Does twitter track browsing history?

Twitter tracks your searches on your mobile device, and it stores your location information.

Luckily, you can clear your search history, delete your location information, and disable this setting.

To clear your search history on iOS and Android, click the magnifying glass search icon..

Can your twitter followers see what you look at?

People cannot see what you search for on Twitter. Twitter does not sell your search history. … As a complement, Twitter users can search your tweets, replies or retweets and the media associated with it.

Who sees my tweets if I have no followers?

If your account is public (as is by default), anyone can see your tweets, irrespective of whether they are following you. No, they can not see your tweets in the news feed. They can only see your tweet if they go to your page and read down through your tweets.

How do I download all of someones tweets?

Aha! Saving Tweets from Any Twitter FeedFind the Twitter feed you want to save. In my case, it’s @MarsCuriosity.Go to the site All My Tweets. … Enter the Twitter username you’re interested in and click “Get Tweets.” The page will load all the tweets from that Twitter feed.Collect the tweets.Nov 15, 2012

How many times can you download twitter archive?

2 Answers. It would appear that a new archive of your tweets from Twitter can be requested every seven days or so. Source: personal experience of now seeing a button to request an archive again, roughly 7 days after the date of the prior archive that has been generated.

Does twitter know my IP address?

An IP address is a set of numbers that identifies a computer, or a network of computers, on the internet. … If you connect to Twitter while you’re using Tor Browser, Twitter can’t tell what your real IP address is — instead, they’ll see the IP address of a random Tor server.

Does twitter track your IP address?

You can control your location information settings in your settings. Log Data: Our servers automatically record information (“Log Data”) created by your use of the Services. Log Data may include information such as your IP address, browser type, the referring domain, pages visited, and search terms.

Who sees when you reply to a tweet?

Who else sees it? Anyone following the sender and the recipient of a reply will see it in their Home timeline. Places it will never appear: On anyone’s profile page, unless they sent the reply.

How long does it take to download your twitter archive?

Twitter’s data download button is at the bottom of the general settings page. Unless you’re a very heavy Twitter user posting a lot of photos and videos, it shouldn’t take too long. I’ve been on the service since 2007, and mine took about 15 minutes to prepare and deliver, and was a single file of about 190 megabytes.

How do you find old tweets from someone else?

Open the Twitter app and log-in your account. Click the “Search” button in the bottom section of the page and type “from: [username]” to find your old tweets. If you are searching for the old tweets of another user, type “from:” and the user’s username, remember, you no longer need to use “@” in searching.

How do I copy an entire Twitter thread?

Navigate to the Tweet you’d like the URL of. Click the icon located within the Tweet. From the pop-up menu, select Copy link to Tweet. The URL should now be copied to your clipboard.

How can I see my entire Twitter history?

If you are logged into Twitter on the web:Click More in the main navigation menu to the left of your timeline.Select Settings and privacy.Choose Privacy and safety.Select Personalization and data.Click See your Twitter data.Confirm your password, then select Request archive.

Can someone track your IP on twitter?

He can’t get your IP address from Twitter, but he can get your email if you’ve made it public, and if you made it available on Facebook or other social media sites, your phone number and address. If you haven’t provided those in your profile publicly, then he can not get them.

How do I download my twitter archive 2020?

Go to your Account settings by clicking on the more icon in the navigation bar, and selecting Your account from the menu. Click on Download an archive of your data. Enter your password under Download an archive of your data, then click Confirm.

How do I extract data from twitter?

To extract data from Twitter, you can use an automated web scraping tool — Octoparse. As Octoparse simulates human interaction with a webpage, it allows you to pull all the information you see on any website, such as Twitter.

How can you find old tweets quickly?

Login to your Twitter account, and go to Twitter’s advanced search page.Under the “People” subheading, enter your username (with no “@”) into the “From these accounts” field:Under “Dates,” select start and end dates for your search:Click “Search,” and Twitter should return a list of top tweets from that period:More items…•Jan 3, 2019