Question: How Do You Use The Word Least In A Sentence?

How do you use least?

We use the quantifier least to talk about quantities, amounts and degree.

(The) least is the superlative form of little.

We use the least with different classes of words.

The least environmentally damaging power source is also the most expensive..

What is meant by the word least?

1 : lowest in importance or position It’s least on my list of worries. 2a : smallest in size or degree The least noise would startle her. b : being a member of a kind distinguished by diminutive size the least bittern.

What is between most and least?

Most indicates the maximum amount of the quality, least indicates the minimum amount of the quality….I could say either of the following:I have the least money.I have the most money.I have THE PERFECT AMOUNT of money.

What refers to getting the most for the least?

Economics is the study of how to meet unlimited, competing wants with limited resources. It is the process of deciding how to get the most with the least—obtaining the greatest satisfaction from the least amount of resources. Or you might want world peace, a higher allowance, or a haircut. …

What is the opposite of least?

Antonym of Least Word. Antonym. Least. Most. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Can I start a sentence with at least?

Generally, after a negative statement, “at least” is used to “look on the bright side” and mention a positive aspect of the situation. However, this is not what I am doing, so the sentence will read weirdly. We found a bug in the code. At the very least, it causes this negative effect, but it might cause others.

What does at least 5 mean?

it can be 5 , or any number greater than 5 . So, the phrase ‘x is at least 5 ‘ means ‘x≥5 x ≥ 5 ‘.

How do you use at least for now?

(The least amount of time they’ll spend on their current situation is in the present and hopefully it’s short term.) Examples: “I love you but I’m staying with my wife for now at least.” “I don’t like my job and will move on but I’m going to put up with my boss as the money is good, for now at least.”

What can I say instead of at least?

Synonyms of at leastalways,anyhow,anyway,leastways.[dialect],leastwise.

What does at the least mean?

at (the) least in American English 1. at the very lowest figure or amount; with no less. 2. at any rate; in any event.

What is the positive of least?

Comparative Form and Superlative Form (irregular comparisons)positive formcomparative formsuperlative formlittle (amount)lessleastlittle (size)smallersmallestmuch / manymoremostfar (place + time)furtherfurthest9 more rows

How do you spell at least?

Correct spelling for the English word “at least” is [at lˈiːst], [at lˈiːst], [a_t l_ˈiː_s_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you use at least at the end of a sentence?

“At least” is an adverbial phrase. When it falls at the end of a sentence, it usually falls there as an afterthought and doesn’t flow grammatically with what came before. As such, it should always be set off by a comma. For instance, if I write “Suzie has three hundred Barbie dolls, at least.”

What type of word is least?

Least is the superlative form of little and can be used in the following ways:as a determiner (followed by an uncountable noun): He generally takes the path of least resistance. … as a pronoun (without a following noun): People will choose the product that costs least.More items…

How do you use less and least?

Less is used when comparing two things and no more. Least is used when comparing three or more things. This is what I came up with: Less and least are the comparative and superlative forms of little.

How do you replace at least?

at leastpartially.slightly.somewhat.bit by degrees.carelessly.halfway.inadequately.

What’s a fancy word for bad?

What is another word for bad?terribleawfuldreadfullousypooratrociouscheapcrummyabysmalhorrible218 more rows

Is the word at least one word or two?

“At least” is always expressed as two words. A more formal version that is somewhat obsolete is “at the very least.” “Least” is an adjective. “At least” is considered an idiom–those pesky little expressions that don’t translate, word for word in another language.

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