What Is Meant By Residual Effects?

What are examples of residual waste?

Other residual wastes include contaminated soil, ceramics, gypsum board, linoleum, leather, rubber, textiles, glass, industrial equipment, electronics, pumps, piping, storage tanks, filters, fertilizers, pesticides, pharmaceutical waste, detergents and cleaners, photographic film and paper; wastes that contain asbestos ….

What does the residual tell you?

A residual is the difference between the observed y-value (from scatter plot) and the predicted y-value (from regression equation line). It is the vertical distance from the actual plotted point to the point on the regression line. … The plot will help you to decide on whether a linear model is appropriate for your data.

What does residual malignancy mean?

(ree-ZID-yoo-ul dih-ZEEZ) Cancer cells that remain after attempts to remove the cancer have been made.

What is the goal of residual income?

Residual income is typically used to assess the performance of a capital investment, team, department, or business unit. The calculation of residual income is as follows: Residual income = operating income – (minimum required return x operating assets).

How do you get residual money?

Residual Income IdeasRent Out a Room, Apartment, or House for a Weekend.Crowdfund Real Estate.Consider Investing.Set Up a Website Selling a Product.Write a Book.Work with Affiliates.Build an Online Course.Sell Your Designs Online.More items…•Aug 21, 2018

What do you mean by residual?

Residual describes what remains after most of something is gone. It’s an almost formal word for what’s leftover. If you’ve gotten over your breakup but you still have the urge to kick your ex, then you have some residual bitterness.

What does residual infection mean?

Residual: Something left behind. With residual disease, the disease has not been eradicated.

What is residual work?

Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. … Residual income comes from building an asset that continues to pay you after the work has been done. A book, movie or song is an asset to the people earning royalties from it.

What is residual tumor?

Residual tumor may be found in the area of primary tumor and its regional lymph nodes and/or at distant sites. The R classification reflects the effects of treatment and influences further treatment planning. Furthermore, the R classification is a strong predictor of prognosis.

How do you use residual in a sentence?

Residual sentence exampleThe reappearance of the residual charge is promoted by tapping the glass. … Both observers noticed analogous effects in the residual magnetization. … Maybe there would be residual problems, like his sleep pattern.More items…

Why do we need residual income?

People who are making a living with residual income typically create a full-time income from more than once source. In this way, if one of their income streams gets cut off, they will manage their others and perhaps even branch out a bit more. A passive recurring income stream doesn’t have to be isolated to one venue.

What causes residual stress?

WHAT CAUSES RESIDUAL STRESS? Residual stresses are generated, upon equilibrium of material, after plastic deformation that is caused by applied mechanical loads, thermal loads, or phase changes. Mechanical and thermal processes applied to a component during service may also alter its residual stress state.

How do you get rid of residual stress?

The thermal method involves changing the temperature of the entire part uniformly, either through heating or cooling. When parts are heated for stress relief, the process may also be known as stress relief bake. Cooling parts for stress relief is known as cryogenic stress relief and is relatively uncommon.

How do you calculate residual stress?

Hole drilling is the most commonly used stress relaxation technique for measuring residual stresses. Stressed material is removed by drilling a small blind hole in the area of interest and the material around the hole spontaneously finds a new stress equilibrium.

What is meant by residual stress?

Residual stresses are those stresses that remain in an object (in particular, in a welded component) even in the absence of external loading or thermal gradients. In some cases, residual stresses result in significant plastic deformation, leading to warping and distortion of an object.

Is a residual?

A residual is a measure of how well a line fits an individual data point. This vertical distance is known as a residual. For data points above the line, the residual is positive, and for data points below the line, the residual is negative. The closer a data point’s residual is to 0, the better the fit.

What is residual carcinoma?

A residual breast cancer is a remaining portion of the original primary breast cancer after an incomplete resection or following radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The term is particularly used in assessing patients who have had neo-adjuvant chemo +/- radiotherapy.

What does a negative residual indicate?

If you have a negative value for a residual it means the actual value was LESS than the predicted value. The person actually did worse than you predicted. If you have a positive value for residual, it means the actual value was MORE than the predicted value.