What Is The Definition Of A Residual?

What is another word for residual income?

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

It is closely related to the concept of “unearned income”..

What’s a residual income?

Residual income is income that one continues to receive after the completion of the income-producing work. … In corporate finance, residual income can be used as a measure of corporate performance, whereby a company’s management team evaluates the income generated after paying all relevant costs of capital.

What does residual pain mean?

Residual limb pain, sometimes called stump pain, is a type of pain felt in the part of a limb that remains after an amputation. It occurs in about half of people who have had an amputation.

What does a positive residual mean?

If you have a positive value for residual, it means the actual value was MORE than the predicted value. The person actually did better than you predicted. … Under the line, you OVER-predicted, so you have a negative residual. Above the line, you UNDER-predicted, so you have a positive residual.

What does residual effect mean?

remaining after the rest of something has gone or ended. the residual effects of an infection. Synonyms and related words.

Is a residual?

A residual is a measure of how well a line fits an individual data point. This vertical distance is known as a residual. For data points above the line, the residual is positive, and for data points below the line, the residual is negative. The closer a data point’s residual is to 0, the better the fit.

What is the meaning of residual in statistics?

In statistics, a residual refers to the amount of variability in a dependent variable (DV) that is “left over” after accounting for the variability explained by the predictors in your analysis (often a regression).

What are residuals in medical terms?

Residual: Something left behind. With residual disease, the disease has not been eradicated.

What is a residual state?

adj. 1 of, relating to, or designating a residue or remainder; remaining; left over. 2 (of deposits, soils, etc.) formed by the weathering of pre-existing rocks and the removal of disintegrated material. 3 of or relating to the payment of residuals.

What is a residual word?

Residual describes what remains after most of something is gone. It’s an almost formal word for what’s leftover. If you’ve gotten over your breakup but you still have the urge to kick your ex, then you have some residual bitterness.

What does the residual tell you?

A residual is the difference between the observed y-value (from scatter plot) and the predicted y-value (from regression equation line). It is the vertical distance from the actual plotted point to the point on the regression line. … The plot will help you to decide on whether a linear model is appropriate for your data.

What is residual payment?

A residual or balloon payment is a final lump sum you are required to pay at the end of your loan term to own an asset outright. Usually, the lump sum is equivalent to – or less than – the depreciated value of the asset. Opting for a residual payment at the end of the term means your weekly payments are smaller and you.